We sell our dreams and our potential to escape through that buzz.

I just, don’t know.

Today was that day.

We haven’t communicated in months. Months.

And today was the day we talked again.

I just, don’t know.

I love you. I do. With all of my heart. I always have, and I always will.

I wish you would’ve stayed, and known that I was going to do everything I can in my life to make you happy and fix you.

You’re not broken. You’re cracked. Nothing more, nothing less.

Would I be willing to do this again?


Oh gawd(Big Sean voice)

Oh gawd(Big Sean voice)

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I’m not sure where I’m going with her.
Haven’t talked since Tuesday, but when we talk, it’s like nothing else matters.
She wants to work for Machinima. Plus.
She loves playing the same video games that I do. Plus.
She stands out. Plus.
She’s a nerd. Plus.
She’s different. Plus.
She LOVES Dubstep. Plus.
She’s a hippie. Plus.
She’s happy. Plus.
She wants to smoke up with me and play video games all day. Plus.
She’s fucking adorable. Plus.
All sums up to a great ass digit.
I can’t wait until I’m done being stuck in here.
I’m gonna see her.
Damn right I am. :)


Been stuck in my house for over a month now..
Court dates July 10th.
No big deal though, I’ll be fine. :D
Just wanna go out again.
I miss my fucking boys.
Not much to do while I’m here at home.
Sleep, Smoke cigarettes, video games, movies, drawing, and making music.
But I did something else I shouldn’t have really done.
Tried em, kept trying em, and continued to try them.
Popped one.
Popped three.
Saturday night, popped six.
Not to self: Don’t take Vicodin on an empty stomach.
Why? No idea.
Body felt amazing.
The cigarette made it hit me.
Shaking, non stop eye movement.
Panicking, light headed, spinning.
Laid down.
Withdrawals, and it’s only been a week or two.
Haven’t taken em since.
Will I again?

I’m never on here.

Slacking dammit. Slacking.

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